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Block access to Content Switching V Server from all IP addresses apart from allowed list.

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Hi Folks


I'm looking for assistance running ADC version V13.


We have a CS Vserver that provides access to the internet and I need to restrict what IP's can access this.


IS there an easy way to say if source IP (or Subnet) is X.X.X.X then allow it access else drop or respond with 403etc?


I've had a look at responder policies but they all see to want to drop traffic there seems to be no allow action, we have way to many Subnets to create a block list of them all.





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Bind a responder policy that filters based on Not in subnet.  REsponder only applies to traffic not in the allowed subnet and redirects/drops unwanted traffic. Users in subnet are not affected by this policy and sent to this vserver.



Use the responder action to redirect to error page OR respondwith a 403 message as needed.

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