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Supplemental Grace Period at zero - how to reset




A customer has an issue whereby at some point it looks like they may have hit max license usage. I can't confirm this, but when looking in Director, both DDCs are shown as disconnected from the license server and the licensing is showing as "Supplemental Grace Period Expired". I have re-imported the same license file (they are only using 130 out of 170 licenses so no need to buy any more), refreshed the LHC as this was showing an issue and installed the license server ssl certificate onto both DDCs and reconnected to the license server through Studio with no issues.


Every so often, an event is logged:


Event ID: 1197

The Citrix Broker Service will now stop providing desktop and application sessions. This controller is no longer in or could not enter a licensing grace period due to insufficient licenses on the license server 'wcflic01.wcf.local'. 
Please use the License Administration Console to add the relevant licenses to the license server.


If i reconnect the license server, the licensing reconnects in Director, however within 5 minutes, the event returns and the error shows again. According to all the articles i can find, the "fix" is to purchase more licenses, but this is not required. Is there any way i can reset this SGP back to 15 days?


I'm at the point where i'm considering re-installing the license software and re-applying the licenses in the hope that this will fix the issue. I'm not wanting to turn off SGP

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Does that license contain the correct product and license type? Which edition of 7.15 are you using? Enterprise, Platinum?

I have seen that if you change the license you have to by aware the XenApp and XenDesktop Enterprise is now Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced etc.. The new and old names can be found here:

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