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Citrix Reciever TCP or UDP only on WLAN

hejhej hej


Hello Citrix support!


When our users launch the citrix reciever it using a .ICA file and sometimes it gets stuck early in the loading. Then we have to switch the "network transport protocol" to either TCP only or UDP only using this guide  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/receiver/windows/current-release/configure/config-xdesktop/config-adaptive-transport.html. The Third option Preferred has never worked when we tried troubleshooting this. This problem only occurs when the user is connected to the internet using our in office wifi and when they switch to using ethernetcabel it works fine. We also noticed that this doesnt effect every user that uses citrix over wifi but it seems be location dependent. 


Do you have any recommendations what we can do to troubleshoot this problem 


Thanks in advance!


We use the lastest citrix reciever 4.12 version








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Update: I found a additional solution for my problem here CTX231821. When i add this to the .ICA file



It starts working. I suspect we have different MTU size standards on different WLAN Accesspoints 

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