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Very slow response when using dual 4K screen in Mac OS X Catalina

Qi Liu1709162011


I'm on the latest version (2002) and on a Mac mini 6 core i5 (2018) running latest version of Mac OS. My setup has 2 4K monitor connected to Mac. Using Verizon's Gigabit internet connection (wired to my Mac mini) If I only use 1 screen, everything seems to be fine; but if I use both 4K screens, the session becomes unbearably slow. The same does NOT happen on Windows - I installed windows 10 on bootcamp on the same hardware, and I was able to connect just fine with both 4K screens. This must be some issue with the Citrix Workspace on Mac - please can you help fix this?


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15 hours ago, CitrixSuisse said:

Both, please try native resolution on MacOS, no DPI Scaling.


Than compare the session performance.

Default scaling makes the font very big and equivalent to 1080p, which then got sent to Citrix workspace as well. It’s not the desired resolution for my setup.  I need it to work in the scaled mode.

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