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Sluggish Windows 2019 especially Office 2019 - Hardware upgrade?

Simon Finn




We have been operating a small XA 6.5 environment (20 users), single XA server, without issue as a Hyper V guest for years. 


We have installed on the same Hyper V host a new Windows 2019 XA 7.9 guest.  We have run much of the usual optimization but it still feels sluggish compared to the XA 6.5 running on the same hardware at the same time (even with only one test user), especially the likes of Office 2019.  


The hyper v host is pretty under utilized in terms of vm guests, its running the following guests: XA 6.5, XA 7.9, citrixgateway, a telephone system and a file server (all serving 20 users only). 


The hardware is however a Dell r610 with 2 x X5690 3.46 ghz 6 core processors.  4 x RAID 10 10k SAS system drives and 2 x RAID 1 SSD 12g drives for Hyper V guests.  94gb RAM. 


The hardware is overspec'ed in terms of the number of guests but i realize it is old hardware, would new hardware make a substantial difference?


Many thanks. 


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Just a few questions.

Which Hyper-V version are you running?

The "usual optimizations" what are those? Remember XA 6.5 is 2008 R2, there might be "optimizations" to 2008 R2 which doesn't optimize 2019.


Do you have all Citrix roles installed in one VM? ()Delivery Controller, Director, Studio, StoreFront, VDA)


Have you configured any citrix policies?

XA 7.9 does not support Windows Server 2019, it doesn't even support 2016, so you might have to look into upgrading the VDA software. VDA 7.15 LTSR supports 2019, but I would recommend to go to at least 1912 LTSR.

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