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SDX instance console buffer limitation

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I am currently configuring new VPX instances on an SDX 14040-40G and I am doing the configuration through the console with 0/1 interface on the instances shut down. As this SDX is to replace a current working SDX with the same config, I wanted to be safe. I have done similar with MPXs and not had any issues working through console except in the time it takes for a show run to finish!


However, on the VPX instances, I am noticing that I am not able even to finish a complete show runn; indeed, after entering the command everything stops shortly after as if there is a really small buffer limitation. I am wondering if anyone has an awareness of this and/or if this is something I could adjust. Otherwise, I will need to enable the 0/1 interface and ssh to the instance but it is my least preferred option.


Any help is greatly appreciated!




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