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Issues with WEM 1912


I have two issues with a WEM 1912 infra.


First issue : In WEM console, under Active Directory Objects, when I want to add OU, I don't see any domain (screenshot 1). If I want to Add Object, I can see my domain and can add a computer.

Second issue : After installing the WEM agent on a machine, I don't see the machine going up in the WEM console (Administration - Agents - Registration). I have the event Failed to determine site for agent machine (other screenshots). The name of the broker is well configured and if I refresh the cache, I see in the events that the connection to the infrastructure is done correctly.


Do you have any ideas?


2020-04-29 18_32_34.png


2020-04-29 18_35_20.png


2020-04-29 18_35_53.png


2020-04-29 18_36_00.png


2020-04-29 18_36_19.png


2020-04-29 18_36_37.png

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I found the solution with the help of support.


WEM (since version 4.6) will requires access to the root node in the forest. The reason to require root domain access from WEM 4.6 is that to support multi domains and multi forests.
Only this root forest node knows the information of all the domains in the forest. (WEM need to access this to for the ability to support multi domains and multi forests. Even in a case where the customer does not have multi forest configuration, WEM still needs access to root node in domain forest).


After opening access to the root domain (TCP/UDP 389), both issues were resolved.

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