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Moving to new ESXi host considerations

John Rafter

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Environment consists of 2 datacenters - 2 Netscalers at each, 1 in the DMZ(enterprise) and 1 internally(standard) - all are  running code 12.1-43.13nc. The DMZ ESXi hosts are running on VMware 6.0. Internal hosts are running VMware 6.5.

We are trying to move one of the DMZ Netscalers to a new ESXi host because of hardware issues. The plan was to  download same code, spin up a VM and restore the config to that device.  Power down or disconnect existing ESXi host and cut over to new ESXi.


I tried downloading the current version 12.1-48.12nc but alas it is no longer supported, the closest I  can get is 12.1-56.22. I'm assuming if I use this code it will be compatible with the older code running on the other devices for communication?

Are there any other caveats when considering such a move?  I have read that the MAC address has to be the same for licencing purposes. We also have some public certs installed on this device for Citrix access and email, can they moved or do we need to re-issue again?

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Sure, it's possible. Just use it.


I always recommend doing a pre/post upgrade difference report in GUI (system -> diagnostics).


There might be some more files missing. I have a - I hope complete - list of files needed to move a configuration from one VPX to the other. I have written this during the time of CVE-2019-19781, but it is not just releted to this.




Johannes Norz


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