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Desktop Viewer Toolbar - Virtual Apps 1912

Nicolás Barceló




We're currently using Pulse Secure VPN to access our virtual apps and desktops, this works connecting directly to the Delivery Controller instead of passing through a StoreWeb.

Our SecOps team asked for the following rules.

 - No Copy-paste Allowed.

 - No device Mapping Allowed.

 - No Printer Redirection Allowed.

 - No USB Ports enabled.

 - FullScreen Mode (So screenshots cannot be taken)

 - End User cannot minimize the desktop/app.


I've managed to fullfill all request except the last one. Since the connection it's directly to the DC I cannot disable the ToolBar through Citrix Storeweb or modifying the Web.Config file.

Connecting this way only reads the ICA File and I saw that only the chages I make in [WFClient] take effect, as I tried to set ConnectionBar=0 on [Applications].


Does someone know if there's a way to disable this Toolbar through a parameter in [WFClient] on ICA file?




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Hey Silvio,


Thanks for your answer. Our SecOps team are the ones who manages the connections.

I've managed to solve the problem, I'll leave the solution in case anybody else encounters the same issue:

Our applications were configured on Pulse Secure as 'Desktops' Instead of 'Citrix Apps'. I also found that you can make a custom ICA file to manage the connection.




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