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email not received form Citrix ADM tool to outside of organisation

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Greetings Everyone.


we have client using Citrix ADM tool in their environment running on 12.1 Version. i have configured the rules for email notifications on it.


the email id configured is both for the client as well as ours. But emails are being revived only by clients only not us.


Please suggest, if the ADM is not capable to send emails outside of organisation?


If yes, then do i need to do some configuration at any level.


the client is receiving emails form ADM tool with sender as " Citrix Application Delivery Management Notification <notification@IP Address on ADM>



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ADM will just send mails to the mail server. It does not know which addresses are internal, which are external. So it's a matter of mail routing in the mail server. Probably the mail server does not allow to send unauthenticated mails to the outside, or the address you're using to send mails from is not allowed to send mails to the outside.




Johannes Norz


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