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Citrix ADC VPX floating IP

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Hello all, have a quick question, last friday we patched our VPX.  for some reason after the patch we lost a good portion of our Configuration.  we were able to get it back up and running but one issue still persists.  we have a Floating load balancing NetScaler management IP.  it was working fine before the patch.  now we are able to reach it one of our subnets but not another. for example, if i am logged in to a 10.2 .x.x network i am able to reach it.  but if i am in my office which is a 10.1.x.x network we cant reach the site.  we changed the IP address on our floating IP and we were able to reach it across all our networks, but as soon as we change it back to the original IP we get the same issue as mentioned above.  The fix is obvious, keep the IP that works, but i really want to know why our original IP is not working correctly.  


I am new to citrix so please excuse my terminology.   

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@Sam Jacobs migt be right about routes. A temporary work around could be MBF. I guess, it will work as soon as your turn on MBF (enable mode MBF). This would be a prove Sam had been right and you should fix the routing issue.

MBF - Mac Based Forwarding is a L2 method. It allows an ADC to send packets to the mac-address back where they came from, ignoring the routing table.

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20 hours ago, Sam Jacobs said:

Did you have a route to the 10.1.x.x subnet which might have gotten dropped?

i can try enabling MBF see what happens.  we also have another floating management IP that does not have the MBF enabled and that one works.  but thank you both.  let me try.  

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Enabling MBF is, of course, no solution. It's just a try. It would prove Sam had been right about the routing issue.


You could also run a pre/post upgrade report (I always recommend doing this) from system -> diagnostics to see, if there are differences between the two configurations.



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1 minute ago, Sam Jacobs said:

Please note that MBF is not recommended as it can mask network misconfigurations.

There's no harm in trying it, but if it works, then you probably need to adjust your network config.


That's my opinion as well. I suggested to turn on to prove, you're right :)

Citrix states differently, they say it will speed up the box as it avoids lookups in routing tables. I have seen white papers recommending to turn on MBF.

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