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Can a VDA 5.6Fp1 (Patch5) still register against a XD7 1912LTSR DeliveryController?

Wolfgang Wilhelm


good afternoon,


we had a site with XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU5 with one machine catalog for Windows XP (VDA.56 compatible), this worked fine.



Windows XP and XenDesktop 7.





Other machine catalogues host Server2016/Windows10 with compatibility 7.9 and above.


The Site was upgraded to XD7 1912 LTSR.

Now the Windows XP VDI with VDA5.6FP(5) can no longer register against the DDC. 

Is there a way (like it did in 7.15LTSR) to make the VDA register against the XD7_1912 DDC?

I think there was a protocol fallback in 7.15LTSR or different encryption.


I know:

- XP is EOL

- XD5.6 is EOL


thanks in advance





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