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Citrix Gateway Plugin Silent Install with Configuration

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We are migrating to the Citrix Gateway Plugin for our full VPN solution.  Currently ADC v13.0 47.24.  I am only finding obsolete or unavailable information (i.e. CTX108757) regarding silent installs.  I need the silent or unattended command lines to both the Gateway Plugin and the EPA Plugin for our deployments.  Are the standard MSI switches all I need?  I also need to preconfigure the plugin with the server name.  The deployment, when complete, but be ready for immediate use without the user needing to configure anything.  The deployment will be via SCCM and run as System so the preconfiguration must work for any user that logs on to the system.  Does anyone have current experience with a silent install for both components?  Also, how to preconfigure for all users?  Thanks!


P.S.  Only first-hand knowledge please and/or working links.  Your help is much appreciated.

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On ‎5‎/‎1‎/‎2020 at 1:10 AM, Johannes Norz said:

Bill, did you see this one? It's in Citrix Gateway 13 product docs?




Johannes Norz


Sorry for the delay, I was off.  The official docs do not cover command lines at all, just how to deploy via Active Directory nor provide any configuration automation information..  We do not use GPO's for software deployments.  I'm guessing we can use the standard MSI parameters but it would nice to confirm.  As importantly, out standard is for users to have zero-touch, software should just work.  I need to know how to deploy via SYSTEM (how SCCM does it) but provide a default configuration so users do not have to enter the server name.

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