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Two VIPs two different ports on VPX need to stick to the same service/server

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I am not sure what you want to do. Is it about logging on? So users logged on to https://bigbear.com should at the same time be logged on at https://bigbear.com:7445? What kind of service is this? HTTP(s)? if so, you are right, just create an other lb vServer, listening on 7445, assign the same AAA vServer, that's it. If this is a non-http protocol, authentication is not supported natively. I once had this requirement and solved it, it will work for any TCP-based protocol with long lasting TCP-connections. You may see my documentation here.


If you are concerned about persistence (meaning, both servers should use the same connection to the back-end): Create a persistence group.


Greetings from sunny Austria
Johannes Norz

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