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Chromebook multi monitor issue - Workspace app

Ben Parkinson


I have a Chromebook, and from the Chrome store I have installed the latest Citrix Workspace app. I have enabled in the settings of the Citrix app the multi screen mode and i have also changed the chrome;//flags settings to enable a unified desktop. Then when i'm in the Citrix workspace app, and click the dual monitor button at the top centre of the window, it just stretches my desk top over both screens, rather than giving the desk top set independently over both screens.


Both the Chromebook and the external monitor have full hd 1080p screens and are set as such. I have tried everything and i still can't get multi mode screen to work on the Chromebook. It has worked briefly previously and sometimes i either get a black or a white screen on the external monitor when extended and nothing else.


Does anyone know if this is working? Or can explain why it is not working or if i'm missing something!? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hi - I'm having my own issues with my CloudReady Chrome build and multi-displays but the one thing I found out was that you don't need the Chrome://flags unified desktop setting enabled for this to work.  Have you already tried it without this flag?  The Workspace app should just extend your desktop across two screens without stretching if this flag is disabled.  Good luck anyway - hope you get it working.  Cheers.  Steve

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