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Storefront brokering two non identical Citrix Sites (Users sometimes cannot connect with Failure Reason - No Machine Available)

Mark Clayton1709155289


We have a Citrix published desktop that is aggregated via Storefront. Primary site has most capacity 90%, Secondary site only has about 10%. We get a lot of hits on the Secondary site with failure reason "No Machine Available" 


I can understand it to an extent as this site fills up quicker. The odd thing is one user can keep hitting the Secondary site for 7/8 times and still not hit the Primary site.


On the Storefront "Aggregated Controller Settings"


We only have "Load Balance resources across controllers" ticked and not "Controllers publish identical resources"


Both sites are separate XenApp 7.15 CU3 sites


Internally we have a load balancer in front of 2 separate Storefront sites (2 servers in each) which one is in the primary data centre and the other in the secondary data centre.


Externally we use the Netscaler gateway.


The issue seems to happen to both internal and external users.


Is this expected behaviour?


This can sometimes prevent a user from connecting due to them constantly hitting the Secondary site which is full.


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I think your sites don't recognizing the presence of the other site. I would have ideally designed the environment differently:

- one Storefront cluster with all 4 Storefront servers (2 x site);

- one single farm with 2 zones (1 x site);

- on the Storefront:

    - "Aggregated Controller Settings"

    - "Load Balance resources across controllers"

    - "Controllers publish identical resources"


in this case, all the controllers have access to only one DB and it can possible to obtain the situation of machine catalogs.


But it's just a piece of advice...I'm not sure it's is the only possible solution.



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