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Xenserver hypervisor upgrade/downgrade

Deepak Kumar1709152056


Dear Folks,

I have upgraded Xenserver 7.5 without thinking it will break LTSR & out of support from citrix . Now i do not have option to upgrade the hardware (due to financial crisis) that will support CR 8.x version


Complete Details are as:

4 Host, Lenova x3650 M5

Xenserver 7.5

CVAD 7.15 Production, CVAD 1912 PROD with windows server 2019 VDAs


So my question is if i can go back xenserver 7.1 CU2 without breaking anything or to do a fresh install and move VMs, if possible?


Thanks & Regards,


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1 hour ago, Alan Lantz said:

Thanks Tobias, I've actually never used the revert to older version option myself. I forget its there.




I cannot actually recall for sure, but I think I did this once when an upgrade failed because of the lack of space dues to the stupid Dell extra partition that I spoke about in an article I published on the now defunct xenserver.org site and which Citrix folks told me they would re-publish on the Citrix blog that never happened and now my roughly nine articles have not been online since. Sad.



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Thanks Tobias & Alan,

Unfortunately i do not have option to go back from LTSR 7.1 as it was was upgraded from latest version, however i think its best to do a fresh install of 7.1 CU2 and get the latest update from citrix & as well as keep the support from both citrix and Lenovo.

Do you guys have any information/thoughts about which citrix hypervisor version will/should be in line of next LTSR version?


Thanks for all the help though.




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