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Vertical display arrangement and webcam

Oscar Nalum


First, some technical specifications:

Host PC

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  • Windows 10 Version 2004 (19041.208)
  • Citrix Workspace (2002)
  • Scale the session for high resolution: Yes



  • Windows 10 Version 1909 (18363.778)
  • Citrix VDA 1912 LTSR (1912.0.0.24265)
  • Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). Citrix HDX Optimized.


The problem:

If I connect an external display to my laptop and arrange it above my laptop display, as below:



...the "webcam window" in Microsoft Teams are being drawn in the incorrect position, as indicated here:


(I couldn't screenshot the actual webcam video, so hopefully my MS Paint drawing will do)


I use the video preview in the Teams settings in this example, but this also happens in actual video meetings/conferences, where both mine and the other attendants' video will be placed incorrectly on my screen.


Here is my display settings on the host (Surface Pro 6):


(Built-in display on the left, external monitor on the right)


...and on the VDI:






If I arrange the displays on the host horizontally, like this:



The webcam is drawn correctly:





  • This issue only occurs if I have Microsoft Teams on my main display, i.e. the Surface Pro built-in display. If I run Teams on my external display, the webcam draws correctly, regardless of display arrangement.


I assume this has something to do with the high DPI scaling? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bonus problem:

The webcams on the Surface Pro (Front and Rear) are unavailable for any other apps on the VDI. Only Microsoft Teams has access to them (which I think has something to do with Teams being HDX optimized?), while other apps like Zoom, Google Chrome or the built-in Camera app do not see these webcams.

If I connect a normal USB webcam, all apps has access to this.

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13 hours ago, David Clark1709160691 said:

On the client side, all monitors should be set to the same DPI scaling %.

Yes, that does indeed solve this issue, but I cannot use 100% DPI scaling on my Surface Pro display, that makes text tiny and impossible to read.


Isn't Citrix supposed to have support for High DPI situations such as these?

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