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Software will damage your computer???

Phil Roettcher


My daughter is using a 4 yo MacBook with Catalina. Yesterday she got the attached dialog boxes saying "'ReceiverHelper' will damage your computer" and "'ServiceRecords' will damage your computer."  I inquired with Malwarebytes and they said this was a Citrix issue and not malware.


What should my daughter do? Is there an update process? Are these bad?

Reveiver Helper.PNG


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Receiver Helper virus homes in on the user-defined preferences in Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. It identifies which browser to target by profiling the victim at the early stage of the attack. This process involves, among other things, a reconnaissance aimed at amassing the details on the hardware set-up, macOS version, third-party software installed, IP address, system language, and geolocation. Obviously, it’s the default browser that undergoes the tweaking. This way, the adware operators make sure that they strike exactly where it hurts. The mechanics of this tampering are as follows: the infection replaces the preferred search engine, start page, and new tab page settings with a page involved in a traffic monetization scheme. It tends to be a search provider copycat that outsources all requests to a real information lookup service like Yahoo or Bing while plugging one or a few in-between domains into the rerouting logic. These transitional URLs are mostly advertising networks that treat all user leads as a tradeable commodity no matter if they originate from legit sources or from unethical browser hijacking techniques.


The steps listed below will walk you through the removal of this malicious application. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order specified.

1.    Open up the Utilities folder as shown below
2.    Locate the Activity Monitor icon on the screen and double-click on it
3.    Under Activity Monitor, find a process named Receiver Helper select it and click Quit Process
4.    A dialog should pop up, asking if you are sure you would like to quit the troublemaking process. Select the Force Quit option
5.    Click the Go button again, but this time select Applications on the list. Find the Receiver Helper entry on the interface, right-click on it and select Move to Trash. If user password is required, go ahead and enter it
6.    Now go to Apple Menu and pick the System Preferences option
7.    Select Accounts and click the Login Items button. The system will come up with the list of the items that launch when the computer is started up. Locate Receiver Helper or other potentially unwanted object there and click on the “-” button.

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