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How to reclaim free space on XenServer 7.6

Dominic Masse


Hi everyone,


We have 3 servers in 7.6,  and one server which have become "unavailable"...


This problem have occured  after I have executed a "toolstack-restart", and after I have disabled the HA


Please check my captures


I have found some post about the space left and I don't have any free space,...  we have some VM that are still running on this host....


thank you !





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Without any space, a coalesce will not work. YOu may have to move some VM's storage off that SR or if not an option, temporarily shut them down , export them, and delete them to free up space on that SR. Typically you need around 10-20% free space for an SR scan to be able to coalesce. YOu can use local storage temporarily, if you have some available.



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I've read the article, but the log files are very very small,  /var/log is 45mo


the /etc/logrotate.conf is already making compression.   The high disk usage is somewhere else


I have move temporarly some ISO files (guest tools and xencenter) and gain some extra mo,  I have now 3.8 on 3.9go on /  but seems not enough


I have move also the /var/crash file on it,  a 67mo file


any other ideas?


thanks !



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Update:  beacause I have reclaim some space (just few megabytes)  I have succesfully restarted the tool-stack  (  xe-toolstack-restart ) on the failed server, and the server recovered in the xencenter finally !  all VM are now there,  but now I have to move all of them on my other servers and I will do some maintenance on the server problem...

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The Reclaim freed space option in XenCenter enables you to free up unused blocks (for example, deleted virtual disks in an SR) on a LUN that is thinly provisioned by the storage array. Once released, the reclaimed space can then be reused by the array. The Reclaim freed space operation is only available for LVM-based SRs that are thinly provisioned on the array (that is, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or Local LVM). This feature is not enabled on file-based SRs such as NFS and Ext3 as these SR types do not require a manual space reclamation operation.


To reclaim freed space


Select the Infrastructure view and then click on the host or the pool that contains the SR.


Click on the Storage tab.


Select the SR from the list and then click Reclaim freed space. Note: Reclaiming freed space is an intensive operation and can affect the performance of the storage array. You should perform this operation only when space reclamation is required on the array. Citrix recommends that you schedule this work outside the peak array demand hours.

Click Yes to confirm the operation. To view the status of this operation, click Notifications and then Events.

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