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Netscaler IPhone iOS User Agent

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I found it 

HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1705") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1704") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1703") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1702") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1701") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1700") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1600") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1601") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1602") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1603") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1604") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1605") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1606") || HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("1607")


From this articel 



The Outlook Mail Client still works :-)

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