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I am having a recent issue with my Server2012r2 running xenapps crashing

Paul Alden1709161995


This has been happening now for over a week.   When the first users connect to Citrix in the morning the server crashes and restarts.

Once the server has restarted everyone logs in and works as normal...

Server is a Dell T330 Dual Xeon E3 1230 running 3.4Ghz with 64GB RAM


My server runs fine all day and all night but once the users have disconnect in the morning when the first user connects to Citrix the server crashes and restarts.

There is no clue to why but every time the first users logs on it crashes but then allows everyone in after that.

The only thing I can think to do is to remove this moths Microsoft updates...

I cannot seem to see any patches hotfixes for my XenApps install...

Can anyone help?

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