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Integration with IPS or NGFW as inline devices

Frajo Kizhuvara

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Got below article https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/13/content-inspection/integration-with-ips-or-ngfw-as-inline-devices.html  

Am I reading this right below is what i got from this.

NS 1/2 - WAF Ingress 

NS 1/3-  WAF Egress

NS 1/4- Web Servers trunk 

Since content inspection is enable globally all traffic coming in will be sent to WAF through NS 1/2 and return back to from WAF to NS 1/3 then the NS forward the traffic to the web servers.

And the return traffic will go through WAF.

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Just now, Johannes Norz said:

What's your question? And which scenario do you plan to deploy? (they're introducing more than just one)

I did similar scenarios several times, so I have some experience doing it




Johannes Norz


Scenario 1 we are planning to place WAF imperva inline. Have I understood the document correctly, do you have some documentation build which i can refer. Thank you for your help.

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So the point of this deployment is, to have an IPS/IDS device in the flow. Traffic flows to ADC, ADC decrypts, sends plan HTTP to the IPS/IDS, IDS sends back to the ADC and it re-encrypts and sends to the back-end servers.


  • So the first part would be a load-balancer load-balancing the IDS/IPS devices. I guess, it has to use SIP-Mode, so IDS/IPS will see the source IP. They use MBF for outung.
  • Second part would be sending traffic to the web-servers, a simple load-balancer, probably in USNIP mode.


The description for this deployment is good. I started doing a description on how to do WAF. Maybe you like it, even though it's not finished yet, as Corona crisis drives my business very much and does not leave time for my blog.



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