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2003 agents not getting policy updates?


Has anyone noticed an issue with 2003 agents not getting policy changes?  all was fine on 1912 (and still is on the machines w/ that older agent) but my test machines w/ 2003 wont get any assignment changes I am pushing out (registry, file associations, etc) for some reason.   I've tried a 1912 to 2003 agent upgrade and a fresh from scratch 2003 agent install for comparison so far


hoping its just something dumb i'm missing because the file association changes in 2003 seem to work really well so far in testing!



Edit:  this may be a cache issue so i may have to check my boot up script to see if its running correctly to refresh cache at that point.  However i have found that if i make a policy change i used to only need to refresh the agent host settings  and/or workspace agent settings but now i have to refresh the cache to show any new changes...maybe something new w/ 2003?

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Experienced same problem today. All icons from taskbar pined by WEM disappeared and I was unable to push any new configuration (assignment change and so on).


Turned off Offline mode really helped (thank you!), but now question is, if I just did not get how new settings should work or if it is some strange bug.

Is there any update from support please?

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