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DLL registering error, but works fine on first OS layer version.

Darin McClain


Does anyone have any experience troubleshooting an error like the one below? It's a scanner driver I'm trying to install on my OS layer. It will only install on my very first OS layer version.




My very first version was based on 1803, the next version I have still is based on 1809. It doesn't work in the second version, even when I remove the only 2 installs I did, some C++ resdis packages. For giggles, I upgraded my first version from 1803 to 1909, and it still installed just fine. But it does not work on my current OS layer version based on 1909. So I can't tell if it's windows update related, or the other installs I did. I really don't want to have to start from scratch on my OS layer version, going back to the first version and re-doing about 20+ versions I've had to make over the last year or so. Any input would be great!



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