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Xen App 7.x migration in other domain

Erwann Leroux1709156302




One of our regional citrix environnement is a Xen App 7.x with 2 DDC, 1 SQL, 1 profile server and 2 Storefront environment. And a lot of VDAs (Publication servers).


All this servers are in AD domain Mydomain.Myentreprise.com and i wish migrate all this servers in the domain Myentreprise.com


How can i do without lost access for the users ?


The users migrate too of user1@mydomain.myentreprise.com to user1@myentreprise.com


If you have need other information, ask me please.


Grats !

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In complement :


For the database connection, could we just put all the dbconnection to $null and redo all the service dbconnexion with the news ddc fqdn or is it more complex ?



Set-MonitorDBConnection -DataStore Monitor -DBConnection $null -AdminAddress $Localhost
Set-LogDBConnection -Datastore Logging -DBConnection $null -AdminAddress $Localhost
Set ... (for all others services ...)


csSite =”Server=MysSQL.Myentreprise.com; Initial Catalog=MysSQL.Myentreprise.com; Integrated Security=True”
Set-AdminDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite -AdminAddress $Localhost
Set-LogDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite -AdminAddress $Localhost
Set ... (for all other  services)


And, for the storefront server, could we just configure the existent servers or must we add a new storefront server, directly set up in the new domain ?


Thanks again, and sorry for my english words, i am a french guy and my english is bad ...

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I propose this plan :


    1. Backup each DDC and SQL server and each base
    2. Creation new domain admin account and new domain service accounts for the xenapp site
    3. Give the admin right on xenapp site and database rights on sql server for this new accounts
    4. Delete a DDC
    5. Change on his DDC the domain with new domain
    6. Add this DDC in the xenapp site in using new domain SQL service account
    7. Same for the other DDC
    8. On publication servers, Configurate each Virtual Desktop Agent with these new DDC FQDN
    9. Migrate SQL server  in the new domain
    10. On each DDC, put the dbconnection to $null next redo the connection on the new FQDN SQL server
     11. Set up a new storefront server on the new domain and configurate a new site with the new FQDN DDC (or just modify actual site on migrate Storefront server maybe ?)


Do you think this process is good ?


Have i forget some step ?


Thanks you again.









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