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Passthrough authentication pauses at login



I posted this in the normal XenDesktop section first, but since this is affecting my Cloud environment, maybe this is a better place for it:


I have a catalog of Windows 10 VDIs in AWS, which are for DR.   This month, as with every other month, I launched the AMI as a new instance, applied this months batch of security patches, powered it off and saved it as a new AMI.  I then updated the machine catalog to use the new AMI, and logged in to test.   All perfectly normal routine stuff, done it dozens of times...


What happens now is that the machine connects fine, but instead of quickly and seamlessly signing into the desktop, it stops at the credentials prompt.   Then, after a pause of 10 seconds or so, it then carries on and logs in as normal.   I don't get this when i log into the master image using RDP, but I do get it if I use the master as a non-MCS VDA via a new test machine catalog/delivery group.   So it's something Citrix-related that is causing it rather than the patches or the desktop itself.   Logically it must be something in this month's patches that is causing it, but there are several other catalogs that had the same patches and they're all fine.   And someone raised a thread last year for the same problem - but other than someone replying to say they had seen it, there was no resolution shown.


OS is Windows 10 1903, VDA is 1912 LTSR.   Citrix environment is Cloud, and other catalogs in the same farm work just fine so I doubt it's Storefront related.   I've tried removing the VDA with the removal tool and reinstalling, but it's exactly the same afterwards.


I'm not really sure where to start looking for this.   If it just stopped and waited forever then I'd be looking at a pass-through failure, but it does actually work.   Just with a lengthy pause at the username and password prompt before carrying on like nothing happened.

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