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how to renew subscriptions user licenses

Marco Bertini


Hi.I'm Marco from Italy and i manage a Citrix farm XenDesktop Enterprise Edition. I need to know (step by step) the procedure to renew our users license subscriptions  on my Citrix Studio. We have already purchased the renew of license. In Citrix portal i can see  the new package subscription expiration date (next 2021) but in my citrix studio i see the same package license subription expired or near to expire. Can you help me giving instructions? Do I need to redownload license file and re-upload in citrix studio?



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hi Carl! Yes i've just click refresh in Studio --> Config-->Licensing. And I confirm the License server works correctly(studio and lic server communication is ok).

But in this case I'm asking you the procedure to renew subscription of all my users license because this is my first subscription renew and I don't know the correct steps to follow.

Do I  need to re-download from Citrix portal the lic file  and I have to re-upload in citrix studio?

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Hi @Marco Bertini,


As Carl mentioned you should re-download the license file and place it at the following location in your license server "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles". Then go to Services, and restart the following services: "Citrix Licensing", "Citrix Web Services for Licensing" and "Citrix Licensing Support Service" on your license server.

Then go to Studio -> Licensing Tab and do a refresh. You should see the expected changes.


Also, please refer to the following url for information on managing Citrix licenses: https://www.citrix.com/en-in/buy/licensing/management.html

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Today I've re-uploaded a lic file (about 30 licenses with expired subscriptio on 16 May) on my Citrix studio to renew that subscription. Before re-upload the licenses row was splitted in User/Device and Concurrent.

After re-upload the Concurrent row is missing. Is this the expected behavior or did I do something wrong ?





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