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Hi all,


Suppose I set the Persistence to Cookie and timeout of 60 mins and in traffic settings, the timeout to 180 seconds.. Does this mean that after 63 minutes of inactivity, the session will be terminated?

Is there a way that I can set persistence to say 120 minutes but the session terminates if 60 mins of inactivity? Or Set where if the users are active, the session the cookie is renewed.


Basically the issue is that users are getting timed out after sessions of 120 min and would like to continue



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The persistence cookie timeout is an idle timeout for how long to retain/remember persistence. Once a load balancing decision is made, the persistence timeout determines how long the user can go between requests to the site before a NEW load balancing decision is made. If the user resumes activity within the 60 minute window there new requests will continue going to their previous load balancing server selected.  If after, the adc can make a new load balancing decision.


What you see as client idle timeout / server idle timeouts are idle connection timeouts. The lb vserver controls the client idle timeout between the client and adc.  The service "server idle timeout" controls the connection timeout between the ADC and the server destination.  This is the point at which if a connection is established and remains idle the adc & client  (vserver side) or the adc & server (service side) can clean up idle connections.  If a request starts before the connection is terminated it will renew the idle period.

This is not part of the load balancing decision but connection management.  Client-side connection management affects connection reuse/connection timeouts between ADC per client.  Server-side settings (depending on protocol) affect once an ADC establishes one or more connections to a server, due to tcp multiplexing there may be requests from multiple clients over the server-side connection. If it sits idle, both systems are able to free up resources and close connections.  Usually might need to be reduced of in USIP mode (server side).


The bigger question is what type of app/traffic are you dealing with that is being terminated at 120 min?  As the root cause of your issue "might be" that persistence is too short; but it sounds like your issue is a timer in the app that you need to identify first.  But are we talkinb about web load balancing, gateway/storefront ica proxy traffic, some sort of persistent protocol?  


The persistence might be a factor but not at the 120 min interval.  The client idle timeout should not be an issue.


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Yes; that's the way persistence is tracked. As an idle time, it counts down. If no new activity, timer expires and next request (for that user or tracked session) would be a new load balancing decision. If the user resumes activity before the timer expires, the counter resets extending the tracking for another 60 minutes...so if they stay active every 5-10 minutes or once every 60 minutes, the persistence tracking extends each time.


So idle timers; not max timers.

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