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Check if files on both netscalers in cluster are in sync

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Recently I had an unpleasant surprise when doing DR test on 12.1 HA cluster. After failover it occured that the client could not open the access gateway login page. We discovered that files responsible for X1 theme were missing, this the client was receiving 404 error. 

We copied the files, restored the CAG and failed over back to the previous primary, but there are questions.

First of all this was the first failover after rebuilding the cluster as a mitigation to clients late response to cve-2019-19781. The rebuild happened a while ago, and produced its own set of problems like deleting two VLANs from ns.conf during failover.

Now I have no ideas if the files for CAG were also removed back then (I did not forget to copy all the CAG related directories from back ups as part of our overkill rebuild process), somewhere in between or during recent failover.


Now - the question:

Do you know a smart way to compare the files in partitions on two netscalers to find some major discrepancies, or at least make sure that the files we restored during the DR tests were the only ones missing?


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