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Seamless Apps and spaces

Benjamin Ziegltrum




my company is running Citrix with Seamless Apps, i am using a Macbook with Catalina and Workspaceapp (2002)


I would like to distribute the various windows of different seamless app on different spaces (not on multiple monitors, just the build-in screen and multiple spaces on that), i.e. word in one space, outlook in another space, etc.). I am able to move the app to another space with drag&drop in mission control. However, when i then switch back and forth between different spaces, the windows get all mixed up, e.g. i see in space 2 an app of space 1, when clicking on it, i am moved to space 1.


It seems that this problem occurs especially if I switch to a space in which an app is shown but not cover all of the screen. Then apps from the other space to not disappear but stay in the backgroud.


Does Seamless support spaces at all? Is there a solution to my problem?

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