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Can Okta or Active Directory be used as an IDP for Citrix Cloud administrators?

Oliver Baty1709161982


Hi there.


We would like to use either Okta or Active Directory (not Azure AD) as the identity provider for Citrix Cloud administrators. We understand that Okta and AD can be used as an IDP for subscribers, but we're interested using either as the IDP for administrators.


The thread below, from early 2019, indicates that only Azure AD is supported for administrators. Is this information still correct as of April, 2020?




Can anyone point to published documentation on whether this is possible today? If it is not possible, is there a published roadmap for implementing this in the future?


Thank you,


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Hi there, Benjamin.


We've got Okta integrated as an IDP, but it does not appear to be available as a source of identity for administrator accounts. It will work for subscribers, but that's is not our goal here. We don't want to use Azure AD for IDP for administrators, so that option is off the table for us.


We want to be able to go into the Administrators tab in the Identity and Access Management area of the the Cloud console and choose to add an administrator from either Okta or Active Directory, in addition to Citrix Identity. I've attached a screenshot of this part of the console.




I've read the Okta documentation you've linked, and it only indicates that Okta works for subscribers. It makes no assertions about administrators. (It does not say that it works for administrators, although, somewhat frustratingly, it doesn't say that it won't work, either.)


I'm still looking for a published description of how to make Okta work as an IDP for administrator accounts, or a statement that it does not work.




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Hi Oliver, 


Both are supported. But this will affect workspace subscribers as well administrators. 


Identity and Access Management -> Authentication

then... Set up the various ways you need your Citrix Cloud administrators and Citrix Workspace subscribers to sign in.



Okta docs:




AAD docs:




Hope this helps!

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