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Citrix Desktop loads up with a black screen

shaun shaun


I am literally new to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Whenever I launch the Citrix Desktop from the Citrix web page, I get a black screen for sometime. This does not happen for all users. Only for 2 or 3 users out of 100. Their profile is exactly the same as others. 


I am a helpdesk admin. So we only perform a basic troubleshooting like log off the desktop and log them back. Is there any other steps i can do? Is there anything i need to do on local machine?


Thank you. 

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Based upon this I would say that its likely a problem with the user profiles, but its tough to say with just the info provided. What profile management solution is in place? Windows roaming profiles, Citrix Profile Management or some other tool?


You may need to engage your Citrix administrators for assistance with this...

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Hi Benjamin. Thank you for the response. We use Cloud citrix. So the UPM is managed via Citrix Director. We did involve the Citrix admin for this issue. I was wondering if there is anything i need to look at from the end user machine perspective. Because some users always end up with black/grey screen. Once we log off their sessions and ask them to launch the desktop, it will work perfectly. 

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