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Delivery Group Tags not working

Bill Clark1709159029


We have a delivery that has 18 published desktops in it.  Users launching the desktop get a random one and it works great.  I did have individual tags for each server so our tech support staff could launch a specific desktop to respond to a problem for a user, that worked great.  Then I had to migrate our environment to a new SAN, so I had to blow away the corresponding Machine Catalog and re-create it using the new SAN for storage.  After the whole process, the users still get random desktops but all my tags are broken.  I get the "the desktop you are trying to connect to is unavailable at this time" pop-up box.  Yet, that server is in the delivery group and has users on it, so it is available.  Any ideas or should I just blow away all the tags and start over?

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