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RDP Proxy - Create RDP bookmark based on "RDP Link Attribute" from SAML IDP

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Hello all. I have created a new RDP Proxy virtual server, and have integrated the authentication to the Citrix Gateway with AzureAD using SAML. I am using the RFWebUI theme.


I would like to pre-populate and RDP Bookmark for my users by mapping to an attribute in their AD User object, which is synced to AzureAD. This is done via the "RDP Link Attribute" in the RDP Client Profile, as per this Citrix Doc: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX253963 which hints that this should be possible using a SAML attribute (not just LDAP attributes).


I have setup AzureAD to return my "ComputerName" attribute in the SAML response. I have set the RDP Link Attribute = ComputerName in the RDP profile attached to my VIP. I can see the ComputerName attribute is being returned with the SAML Response: <Attribute Name="ComputerName"><AttributeValue>Computer123</AttributeValue>, but there is no RDP bookmark on the Gateway page after login.


Has anybody got this working with SAML attributes?

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