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ADM doesn't show old TLS version stats properly - or at all

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[Mainly posting this in case someone else is seeing the same behavior and needs a "me too."  :)  I've tried a couple different vectors for getting a fix for it from Citrix without success.]


Text from my ticket with Citrix:

I can only obtain specific TLS version information ("TLSv1," "TLSv1.2," etc.) *per client* in ADM (visit ADM / Analytics / Web Insight / Clients). In order to remove TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from Virtual Servers without unforeseen interruptions, we need this information *per application* in ADM (visit ADM / Analytics / Web Insight / Applications and click on one of my applications, like Virtual Server "reports_443"). ADM gave us this info per application in early versions of ADM 11.1 but Citrix removed it at some point during the 11.1 release and we were forced to upgrade to a less-functional version of ADM due to a security vulnerability in ADC.  This omission has continued through ADM 12.x and 13.0.


Since the time I submitted my case to Citrix (case number 79151233), things have seemingly gotten worse during our time with ADM 13.0.  For any release of ADM newer than 13.0 36.27, when I visit ADM / Analytics / Web Insight / Clients, and then click on the TLS 1.0 in the "ring chart" to narrow results down to the IPs of clients running that old security protocol, it still shows *all* clients - that is, it shows TLS 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0.  So basically clicking TLS 1.0 doesn't narrow down the results from what it was previously.  I've downgraded back to 13.0 36.27 to regain the needed results.


Apologies for not posting this as a proper "question," but I guess I could ask that if anyone else has seen or somehow fixed this behavior, please reply.

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