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SNMP monitoring which OIDs?

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I would like to monitor our ADC with or preferred monitoring tool (PRTG). I've configured the basics of SNMP but I am having some trouble finding the correct OIDs. 


With a SNMP test tool of Paessleer I am be able to read the system uptime via SNMP, so the connection to the VPX appliance and SNMP authentication is working. However, I am unable to get the CPU utilization for example. I've downloaded the MIBs from the appliance itself (via downloads) and I've tried also some other OID's but I always get the message "SNMP_EXCEPTION_NOSUCHOBJECT" which results obviously in no data... 


According to the mibs op the VPX itself the correct OID for cpu utilization should be but according to this documentation the OID it should 

But neither of them works... 

Via Wireshark I found that is working, but I am not be able to get all the OID’s I am looking for. Does anybody know a good source for the OID’s? For example I would like to also monitor the thoughput, but this OID does not return any information: It should be the ‘rx current packet rate’

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