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Citrix workspace unable to authenticate dual factor (RSA)

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Hi Team,


We are using Citrix Gateway to access our XenApp published applications. The setup is configured to use from web and workspace application.


Dual factor authentication is configured with Citrix gateway as part of  the security. Only radius policy is configured with Netscaler as it performs all the duo authentication including LDAP and Radius.In StoreFront console, the netscaler authentication is defined as Domain only. 


We can see the users are working normally through the web browser where they will get the username+password   prompt and after that  prompted for the  sms token. 


When user is trying to access from workspace app it asks for username +password and then SMS apsscode. But again it will ask for username and it goes in loop.


Please share me your suggestions.



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Ideally with LDAP as first factor and Radius as second factor, Workspace app should present you three fields (Username, password &  pass code) unless you apply workarounds highlighted in below article.




This will allow you to supply username & password first and then if it's passed, You will be asked for Radius pass code. 







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