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Latency when working with Documents on a Network Share in a Hosted Shared Desktop scenario

Greg Kern1709161105


We have a 1912 LTSR CVAD environment.  We have a Delivery Group of half a dozen Windows Server 2016 VDAs, from which we have published a Hosted Shared Desktop for these Users.  We use WEM (which drives UPM), and this Group spends all their time working with Excel charts and PDF files that live out on a Network Share.  WEM maps a "P" drive to that Share when the Users log in.


These documents are very complex, containing lots of elements like Pivot Tables and Formulas and so forth (in the case of Excel), and large Graphic images on multiple pages (in the case of PDFs).


Users complain of extreme LATENCY when trying to use these documents every day:  Slow to open, slow to navigate, slow to save, etc.... They often see "the green bar of death" as they wait...


Some days are better than others, but the issue is on-going.  We've examined things like Network connectivity aspects, File Server tuning, etc., but I'm asking if the community has ideas on how either WEM, or UPM, or perhaps GPO settings might be configured to provide much better performance.


I know it's a broad question but I'd be grateful for your ideas.

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