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StoreFront 1912 and XenApp 6.5

Martin Rogers

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Hi Martin

Although XenApp 6.5 is end of life and not supported by Citrix anymore... StoreFront 3.x - 1912 (any version) is capable of enumerating resources from XenApp 6.5 as it is just another XML service like CVAD/XAXD 7.x.  Nothing was done to StoreFront to remove this backwards compatibility.

Supported versions lists are exactly what they sound like.  Citrix offers technical support for that combination of versions.  It does not mean the combination of unsupported components cannot technically interoperate.   If you experience problems with the configuration Citrix Support cannot assist as any components and versions not in the support list have reached end of life and you use them at your own risk.  Exceptions to this would be if a feature that spans multiple components did not exist in your deployment on one of your component versions. 

For example... 
The App Protection feature requires a paritcular Windows CWA version, CVAD 1912 and VDA and StoreFront 1912 as the feature does not exist in any earlier versions so you would have no choice but to use that combination. 

That said I would strongly recommend moving away from any unsupported components so you can obtain support if needed. 

Regards Mark 
Customer Quality Engineer

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