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scheduled reboot of netscalers hosted on ESX

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On 4/17/2020 at 5:07 PM, Avinish Pathak1709161001 said:

Is there a recommended standard like  once a quarter or once in a year to reboot the netscalers.


I have the netscaler hosted on esx has not rebooted on since 2014.


customer is asking if there is any documented recommendation from citrix , if that had to be rebooted anually or once in every six months or so.


Linux based BSDs (Netscalers) are generally considered to be quite stable and hence don't need periodic reboots in order function properly. There are few IT admins who still prefer to reboot nodes ( 3 to 6 months) just to be sure everything remains up and operational. To my  knowledge there is no verified documentation to support this but again it depends on case to case.


Mostly we reboot appliances for kernel based updates, license updates, Hypervisor related updates (VPX),  Any scheduled Maintenance/power outage activities at DC etc. 






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