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How often are WEM settings applied?

Matt Kozlowski


How often are WEM settings applied to an endpoint? We use non-persistent desktops through Provisioning Services and ideally I'd like to make sure changes are always current. Similarly, if a change needs to be pushed out quickly, I'd like to make sure a client can receive it at least by next logon. Which settings within WEM should i be reviewing for these types of questions? Would that be advanced settings/advanced options/automatic refresh? or possibly under advanced settings/service options? What is a best practice to go by in terms of numbers? Would checking too often hinder performance?


Does the agent refresh the local cache upon boot? So in theory every time a desktop is rebooted, it would pull down the most current copy of settings?

When a user logs in, does it check the local cache, or does it reach out to the broker for newer changes?


I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere. Please feel free to redirect me to any corresponding documentation. I havent come across it yet, but its possible i may have overlooked it.

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for the actual UI agent itself (what processes user actions) this is 30 mins by default



For the cache side of things its 15 mins by default - however there are random interval considerations when you go below this.



Unless you are specifically processing from cache, then user based changes should be reflected as soon as you make them, and the user right clicks to refresh agent... you can also force this from the console under agents



In ever deployment i have ever done, i set a startup script (Computer NOT user) to refresh the cache on machine boot, this has ensured that i have no issues on wem starting up and being up to date as soon as the first user logs in - there can be very odd behavior even when in online mode if the cache is broken

https://github.com/JamesKindon/Citrix/tree/master/Citrix WEM Startup Scripts

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Thanks for the follow up James! This is helpful.


So our UI agent is set for 30 minutes as well. Just to clarify, that means every 30 minutes, it goes out to the broker to verify if any new settings exist? if it finds them, it applies them automatically? Or those will only be applied at next login?


In terms of the cache, i believe ours are set the same:



This then means that every 15 minutes, the cache will automatically refresh with the current settings? Are these settings more system related? meaning are these different from what a UI refresh would do?


So the use of a startup script would indicate then that the cache doesnt automatically refresh itself on boot? or this is just another way to make sure?

To apply the script, are you basically just going through the local policy editor\Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts\Startup ? Or do you deploy via GPO? For VDI i would think there might be benefit to having the policy embedded in the image locally right?





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