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Resource already exists Lbvserver

Nabeel Nazir



I am using two LB listeners to create a Lbvserver. The Lb listeners are: http 80 http 8080 and http 81 http 8081. I used the post API call with a path /nitro/v1/config/lbvserver/
For the first time it created a Lbvserver with same Ip's for ports 80 and 81. But when I change second LB listeners to https 81 https 8081 and then I call the netscaler get API (/nitro/v1/config/lbvserver/lbvserverName) to check resource exists or not so for the http 80 http 8080 the get API call says resource exists so I did the Put call to update the existing one and as obvious https 81 https 8081 does not exists so the get call said no resource found. So I made a post (create) call for https 81 https 8081 this post call said resource exists and returns a response code of 273. 
How this happened? I mean I provided a new LB listener this time (https 81 https 8081). The Get call said no resource found but the Post call came with a response code 273. Please suggest why netscaler nitro API call is doing this. It should create the new one correctly with the same IP.

Side Note: Lets assume the IP for both http 80 http 8080 and http 81 http 8081 is As explained above, the lb for http 80 http 8080 already created with the IP so for https 81 https 8081 I am not sure what the IP is because the post call returned 273 response code but the IP for https 81 https 8081 should be  

Please suggest something for it. Let me know If I can provide more information to it. 

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