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Citrix Workspace App Using Wrong Username



My current environment leverages SSO so that the end-user does not need to login to the Citrix Workspace App.  When they logon to their computer, they are silently logged on to the XenApp/XenDesktop environment.  This works whether the user uses their laptop in the office or outside of the office.


However, I have one user that, was outside of the office at a hotel and he hit a proxy, the Workspace app popped up and he typed in an incorrect username and password.  Once he typed the correct one, all was good.  NOW, when he is outside of the office it always tries to auto-log him on with the incorrect username and password the first time, and then he can type in the correct one and it will work.  Inside of the office, it all still works as it is supposed to.


So - what happened to this one user's account?  I've ripped the Workspace app out of his laptop and even used the cleaner utility, but the problem remains - but only outside of the office. All other remote users are not affected.  Where is this incorrect username stored with the typo?  Is it on his machine or somewhere on the netscaler/Storefront?


What the user did was enter in username@domain.com instead of just username.

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It must be on local machine itself. Try below & see if it helps. 


1. Reset Workspace App & delete passwords.




2. Delete Browser cache, Password/Sign-in Data, Auto-Fill form data etc & see if helps.




3. Control Panel > Credential Manager and review any false sign in information








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