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Display distortion (not fuzzy, but blocks)!!


Hi All,


First time on the support forum, so bear with me :)


I'm a network engineer, and the business leverage Citrix via our corporate network. (Citrix is out-sourced to 3rd party)

For the past two weeks users at our location have experienced some wired display distortion, that I haven't seen before.

I get involved, because everything else looks good, so it must the network - but I'm not able to detect any packet drops.

To my knowledge, when the connection drops, the quality of the session goes fuzzy (like streaming a video)


This time, the graphics is distorted in blocks.




I was hoping that someone on the forum, have seen this behavior before?


Kind regards,



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That looks terrible.  I'm in agreement that it would appear to be network related.  There are of course multiple areas to look at.   Given the assumption that these are typically users working remotely from home during the pandemic,  I'd look at the capacity of the network coming into the Citrix environment and firewall capacity/performance.  If Netscalers are the gateway to the Citrix environment, if these are hitting their licensed capacity limits, the Netscaler will drop packets.  If you have Director in the environment, you can examine ICA RTT metrics for specific user sessions to help determine if it is indeed network related.

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