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citrix receiver on fedora 31/kde has annoying taskbar notifications even if nothing happened in the citrix app windows

Arthur Dent


We (unfortunately) need to use citrix access to some machines, so i installed the citrix-receiver/ica client for linuxX64. (


All is running fine, but i constantly have tasks/icons in the taskmanager (i'm using the icons-only variant of kde/plasma) being highlighted, as if the citrix-apps needed your attention.

(in my case, active icons have a blue line on top of the taskbar icon, the 'need-attention' ones have a yellowish/brown backgound with a yellow/brown line on top)


This might be due to a refresh or something in citrix, because there is nothing new to look after.


BUT, the taskbar, which i have hidden normally, stays put in all its glory, covering parts of my plasma/kde windows.

Even putting the citrix apps on another desktop (e.g. 2) and configuring the taskbar to show icons from the current desktop only, the taskbar keeps displaying these highlighted app icons on my current desktop.


What can i do to prevent this 'get-my-attention feature'?

According to the kde devs, this is due to the fact that plasma is 'relying on apps being well-behaved and not inappropriately requesting attention all the time.'

So, i opened this question here.

Any suggestions?


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