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Remote assistance crashes local and remote session when it ends

Kelly Jones


User *helpdesk user* launches director to shadow a session to *standard user*.

Both the helpdesk user and standard user are in PVS delivered Windows 10 Citrix sessions. 

1912 Citrix with 1809 windows 10

The shadow session works perfectly until the helpdesk user closes his msra windows.

Once he closes the window both the helpdesk user and the standard user lose their Citrix sessions.

The studio console shows both the Citrix desktops as unregistered with a red explanation symbol sign next to it.

You cannot ping the desktop anymore and within VMware you lose the ability to reboot or power off the guest OS.

The console shows a black screen and it’s like the desktop is not powered on.


I have done the following:

Updated VDA to 2003.0.0.25036


 removed msra.exe from the Citrix CTX hooks

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Made an exclusion in McAfee Move for Msra.exe

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Hi @Kelly Jones


We are currently facing a weird intermittent issue where randomly, one of our 2019 servers will freeze/crash, and we can't seem to figure out why.  Citrix support seems to think that it's our AV software, but I've applied all the recommended exclusions and it's still happening periodically.  Today, something interesting happened where a help desk person was trying to shadow a user.  The user happened to be away from their desk briefly at the time, and the shadow session either timed out or they accidentally clicked "No".  Either way, shortly after that, the user reported that their session was frozen.  When I checked the server, it was also frozen and I had to do a hard reset on it to get it back up and running.  Unfortunately, we couldn't reproduce this in subsequent tries of shadowing.  In your experience, did this problem happen to you every time, or was it intermittent as well?

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