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ADC VPX Freemium losing config and failure to restore

Jon Yiesla

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I'm using the ADC VPX 12.x Freemium version as a load balancer.  This works just fine.  Previous versions required me to go and get a free license, but it looks like the Freemium version has an express license built in and there's nothing else for me to do.  In the last month or so, both appliances, one in production and one in DR, have totally lost their config. All that's left are the base IP addresses. The last time this happened, I know that I had saved the config to the appliance, but it was nowhere to be found. So, I reconfigured it and made sure I had a back up on the appliance and also I downloaded it to my local drive.  I then went and did the same thing to my DR one.


Today, the DR one lost its config.  I found the saved config on the appliance and restored it, but  nothing came back.  I then got the one I'd saved locally and restored it and got the same thing. So, I reconfigure it again and this time created a clone copy of the appliance.


However, does any one have any idea why this would be happening?  Is there some gotcha with the free license that comes built into the appliance?  If I look at the license item in the config menu, none is listed, but the summary says i have the free express license and that I am licensed for load balancing.


Also, if I have successfully save off the config, and the restore seems to complete without error, why does it not restore?



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