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How to view the throughput consumed per user over a Citrix ADC

Marc Kuhn

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Hi guys


we have a Citrix Gateway configured, which has 50Mbps troughput overall. As we have now lot of users working in home-office, that limits the users from working as the session hangs during the day several times. Is there a way, to monitor, if there is a users who uses to much bandwith somehow? We have a Citrix ADM in another VLAN, which is connected to that Citrix ADC.


Can i check that probably on the ADC directly anywhere?


Many thanks for your hints


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Hi Marc,


NetScaler MAS is your friend :-)


In MAS you can get lot of information you looking for like total use of per server, gateway etc and you can drill down per user if you need to check indifdula user. There may be a way via NetScaler but MAS is so easy and there is lot you can do.







See here for more info about MAS 





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Hi Manoj

thanks for your feedback. We have the Citrix ADM in another VLAN configuried. Is it correct, that i need for that the following port:


NSIP -> ADM with port tcp/5557

SNIP -> ADM with port tcp/5557




Many thanks for your help


Best regards,


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