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Can't install SAML cert to VPX running on SDX

Jere Sarekoski

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I'm trying to configure SAML Server on VPX (running on SDX) but I can't install the IDP Certificate. I have downloaded the certificate from the IDP (Azure) and uploaded the SSL file to SDX.

When I try to install the certificate from SDX to VPX instance it gives error "No key present for given cert. Please provide key file". This is the public IDP certificate so it should not need the private key.

VPX release NS11.1 63.15.nc

SDX release 12.0 51.24

Btw, I was able to upload and install the certificate to one standalone VPX running on VMware.


Any ideas?

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12 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If you're in the SAML Action (Server) and trying to install the cert, unfortunately that won't work.


Go to Traffic Mgmt > SSL > Certificates > CA Certificates, click Install, browse to the Azure cert.


Then go back to your SAML Action (Server) and select the IdP cert.

The problem is that I can't install any certificates straight at the VPX that are hosted on SDX (i'm not sure why its that way).

I have to install them from SDX and choose the correct VPX Instance to drop it to, then it will show at the VPX and it can be bound to vservers etc. That process is working for all normal cert+key pairs and CA-certs but somehow the SDX doesn't detect the IdP cert as a "CA-cert" and requires a key.

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The VPX doesnt allow cert installations directly even from the CLI:

add ssl certkey Azure-SAML -cert /nsconfig/ssl/azure-saml.cer -inform PEM -expiryMonitor ENABLED -notificationPeriod 30 -bundle NO

ERROR: Not authorized to execute this command....

I was logged in with nsroot.

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